What is coaching


… is about increasing your self-confidence, your feeling of responsibility and effective behaviour. Personal insights, basically. And a process of personal development towards desired, sustainable changes.

With the help of the expert support of a coach, the coachee gains new insights by reflecting their own knowledge and behaviour. Coaching is always based on equality. In other words, the responsibility for the process and achieving the set goals lie both with the coach and the coachee. In order to reach these goals, we will work with a set of tools and techniques that have been proven to be effective in personal development.

Coaching of therapy

Coaching isn’t therapy. Within the scope of a coaching trajectory, you start with setting goals and then work towards them; it is a practical approach to work on your future. Of course, we may touch on underlying causes, which is necessary to facilitate change. However, the future-oriented goals will always form the starting point.

If you are experiencing long-lasting psychological health complaints or mental barriers, psychotherapy may provide a more suitable approach. Coaching and therapy may also be done parallelly.

Forms of coaching: stress en burnout coaching   career coaching