The coaching trajectory

The coaching trajectory


We always start out with a free take-in appointment to get to know each other. You can use the form provided on the website; we shall contact you via email or phone (according to your own preference). You can also choose to email or call us. We will always contact you within two work days.

During the take-in appointment, we will assess together if coaching is the right approach to your situation and if we both feel comfortable with each other. If we decide to set sail together, we will send you a questionnaire: here you can fill in your personal expectations towards the coaching, and both your personal and professional goals. We will ask you to submit this form before we start the trajectory. We guarantee that your personal details and all sensitive information are treated confidential and remain private.

The first session (1,5 hours)

In the first session, we will talk about your goals, the motivation behind them and determine together how many session will be necessary to set course.

The results will be noted in a coaching contract.

The trajectory (each session 1,5 hours)

During the sessions, we will work on your goals. We may work with a technique, e.g. Transactional Analysis (TA), Rational Effectiveness Training (RET), the Disney-strategy (dreamer, realist, critic), the Logical Levels and Character Analysis. After each session, you may be asked to work on a specific task at home.

After a few sessions, we will hold and evaluate, if we are still on track. We might have to re-adjust some of the goals, or we could find that we can shorten the planned trajectory.

The end of the coaching trajectory

The coaching ends when you have reached your goals. Naturally, you can always aim further, dive even deeper, change even more – but enough is enough. If you are happy with the results of the coaching, so are we. In the end, this is all about you!

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