Burnout Coach Amsterdam

Burnout coach Amsterdam

Stress en burnout coach Amsterdam

The number of people who consult a stress or burnout coach are increasing with every year. This makes only sense; we are exposed to higher and ever higher levels of stress. Coaching can help deal with overload, most surely in our current society with all its visual stimuli and vast amounts of information. It may happen though, that you are experiencing an amount of stress your body can no longer tolerate. This is mostly due to exposure to high-pressure situations over a longer period of time. That may happen at work, but it might just as well be due to a high number of interests from which you can‘t choose anymore. You dive into everything with great enthusiasm, you don‘t allow yourself to miss a single event – at one point, it‘s all just getting too much. We see this happening with a lot of students and young professionals.

An overload of stress makes you vulnerable, both physically and mentally. You may experience headache, backache, muscle pain, insomnia, feel easily annoyed or not be able to entirely recover from a cold or cough. In order to cast off these stress-related symptoms, you might think about consulting a stress coach.

Why a stress coach?

If you expose your body to permanent stress and overload, it doesn‘t get any time to recover. You are burning the candle at both ends. Eventually, this may lead to a burnout. Total exhaustion, irritability, sometimes depression follow in the wake. Most often people with burnout cannot pick up themselves anymore; you lack all energy, you don‘t want anything anymore. Or you do make a try but your body refuses to follow. You don‘t even understand how things have come so far and you just want it all to „go away“. Back to how things were. A burnout coach may help you on this your way back.


We start out practising acceptance and relaxation. The more you fight it, the worse it gets. You probably already noticed that. Acceptance alone will lift a lot of weight off your shoulders and you start to relax.

In the second step, we look for the reasons and roots of your burnout. Is it hard for you to tell people ‚no‘? Why is that? Do you experience anxiety? Or cling to (inhibiting) convictions? This is the sort of questions we are going to be asking at this point of your coaching.

Once we have managed to identify the reasons for your burnout, we can start working on the future. Do you really want to go back to everything as it was? Are there aspects you would want to adjust? Maybe even get some career advice? By focusing your eyes on the future, you will gain new zest for life and regain your motivation.

The idea behind the coaching is that you (re)discover what really counts in your life, your priorities, your passions – all while feeling healthy and vital. And, of course, that you learn to prevent future overload and burnout. Then you are ready to start with a clean slate!

Estimated duration

We recommend a coaching of 10 sessions. During the trajectory you will be mentored by a stress and burnout coach. Together you will come up with the necessary steps to set a new course and regain your energy and motivation.