Hourly rate

Hourly rate & cost coverage by health insurance

Logo coaching Amsterdam Carolien de RoodeHourly rate

for private clients € 79*
for businesses € 99*

Packages (payment in instalments possible)

6 sessions of each 1,5 hours 10 sessions of each 1,5 hours
for private clients € 650* € 1.100*
for businesses € 815* € 1.360*

* this service is exempt from VAT

Coverage by health insurance

In the Netherlands, coaching is not covered by health insurance. However, you may be applicable to

  • tax refund: Coaching can be deducted on your income tax declaration, if it takes place as part of an educational training. This means that it is requisite to an improvement of your position on the work market. Consult the website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration for more information.
  • cost coverage by your employer: Lots of employers have a budget for career trainings. Quite often this can be used for career coaching. A number of employers have started covering (in part) stress and burnout coaching trajectories, given that the costs to cover sick leave are much higher.

Contact your employer to discuss options of (in part) cost coverage; if need be, we can handle this together.