Coaching for health care workers

Coaching for health care workers

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Working in health care can be hard. When the pressure is high, the patients challenging and you are confronted with difficult situations, you yourself may have a difficult time now and then. Help from outside is a good option then, a coach in the health care and wellness sector an even better one. Together we shall take care that you get back on your feet and back on track with your work. There is a reason why you chose this line of work, and it is therefore important that you can feel good about your work again.

Why do health care coaching?

In our current society, many people suffer from stress-related symptoms and burnout. The cause number one is stress and high pressure in the work environment. Both aspects are common for health care work as well. This is why coaching for health care workers is so very important. Of course and please, do not wait until you have a burnout before you start a coaching trajectory! Coaching offers an excellent method to prevent burning out and can help you get back on track before the situation worsens. In all jobs that are (mentally) challenging and difficult, it is common to consult a coach to check in on employees on a regular basis, health care is no exception.

Other than relieving stress and burnout, coaching can offer you a place to reflect. Health care workers often have to tackle difficult questions and obscure situations with their clients. These situations can take a toll on you. A coach can help you regain confidence and resilience in your work. Reflecting difficult situations together can help you understand and give better advice to your clients.


In order to get you back to feeling well in your work environment, we start with looking at your current situation. What bothers and discomforts you? And the other way around: what is really important to you, what do you love about your work? By contemplating these questions, we will find out which is the best way for you. Asking the right questions and a good talk will make you realise what really matters to you and in your life. New insights and the realisation what counts most for you are the main goals of this coaching.

Estimated duration

The duration of a coaching may vary from person to person. We advise you to purchase a package of 6 sessions. Eventually, we might turn out to need less or more sessions to tackle your specific situation. Contact us for a complimentary take-in appointment where we can get to know each other and draft a plan for the number of sessions needed.

During the whole trajectory, you will be supported by a coach with experience in the health care and wellness sector. We will work on gaining new insights, clarity and structure to get you back on your feet.