Career Coaching Amsterdam

Career Coaching Amsterdam

loopbaancoach amsterdamThe job market changes all the time and ever so quickly. More than ever before, it is up to us to take our career into our own hands. And it is mostly going well. We keep learning, we evolve constantly, and grow from one position to the next. More and more people decide to freelance to become their own boss.

All that, however, may make it difficult to stay on top of what you actually want. A career coach can help you to regain that clarity. There are so many possibilities to choose from, you may not be seeing the wood for the trees – which is a good moment to ask for advice, gain new insights and clarify your goals. This will boost your career and give you new motivation!

Why consult a career coach?

Do you feel stuck at work? The reasons for that may be various. Maybe your job does no longer fit you? It doesn‘t challenge you anymore. You already know that you want to change – but how? And which aspect? Maybe you want to start your own company, but feel insecure if it is the right step for you, the right time. You don‘t feel like you can exploit your talents sufficiently? You are experiencing an overload of stress at your current job? Or you don‘t see the point of it (anymore)?

All these situations and thoughts may stand in your way. By consulting a career coach and getting career advice you can get clarity of the situation.

If you decide to do a career coaching, we will firstly look at your current work situation. In case you are experiencing an overload of stress, we might start out with some mentoring to reduce stress. Either way, we will always start with yourself; we will identify your needs, then give you career advice to measure. We know that every person and every situation is different, which is why we will specifically look at your personal focus and your goals. Contact us for a complimentary take-in appointment to discuss your personal trajectory.


We will take into consideration your dreams, your goals, your values, your needs. And, of course, your talents and competences. We will identify them through conversation, exercises and, perhaps, tests. In the next step, we will help you translate these insights into concrete steps, and set up and execute a plan of action. It helps you register your concrete successes. We will differentiate goals for the near and remote future. After some sessions, you will have gained clarity of your career path, your goals and priorities. Then it is up to you to make your new plans come true!

Estimated duration

The duration of a career coaching may vary from person to person. We advice you to purchase a package of 6 sessions. Contact us for a complimentary take-in appointment where we can get to know each other and draft a plan for the sessions needed to approach your individual career situation.

During the coaching you will be mentored by a career coach to help you gain new insights. At the end of the trajectory, you will have gained more clarity of your personal future and career. We aim to renew your energy and build up motivation so you can make your next career steps with confidence!