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Coaching amsterdam

Coaching Amsterdam

Coaching Amsterdam specialises in stress en burn-out monitoringcarreer coaching

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Get to know us with a complimentary appointment

A difficult job, finding time for your family, keeping in touch with friends and acquaintances – it can get a bit much to juggle all these tasks at once. Consequently, many people experience stress or burn out entirely. Most often this is triggered by an especially intense or busy period when everything is just getting too much. A surprisingly high number of people suffer from an overload of stress, no need to blame yourself.

If you don‘t really feel like yourself anymore, you may be suffering from burnout or stress. What is really important to you, to your life? What are your goals? How do you want to reach them? These and other questions is what we will be tackling during your coaching trajectory to make sure you feel better and regain your zest for life. We will work on strategies that help you recharge your energy and pick up the things you love. If it is your job that is causing the difficulties and stress, we may start with a career coaching.

In a first, complimentary take-in appointment, we will have a look at your personal situation and decide if coaching is the right form of support for you. We will take time to get to know each other, so you can decide if you feel comfortable. The first meeting is completely free of charge.
Are you ready to get to work? Then we start with a coaching trajectory that will consist of approximately 10 sessions. We will start with determining your goals. These goals will set the tone for the following sessions. We will approach them with different techniques.
Do you want to know more about coaching and the practice? Take a look at our website: the coaching.